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With concerns about the environment on the rise the control on waste water, specifically from industry, is under much more stringent control. With the demand for cleaner water that is discharged into the environment, more effective water treatment is now necessary. We, at NMT® Electrodes, respond to those needs by supplying our customers with Mixed Metal Oxide and Platinised Titanium Anodes that perform efficiently in the application of electrochemical waste water treatment.


The various anodes manufactured by NMT® Electrodes and used in these processes and systems are very often designed and developed together with our customers. We strive to ensure that our anode coating formulations and coating loadings are efficient and effective in the treatment of waste water for any application, for whichever output is necessary.


Our anodes are used in, but not restricted to, the applications below.



Electrochemical Generation of Oxidants and Organic Destruction


The generation of electrochemical oxidants for use in wastewater treatment in industrial plants is on the rise. Not only are our anodes used in industrial waste water treatment, but they are also used in applications such as process water treatment, the treatment of potable water, water disinfection (for use in the food industry) and extreme water disinfection for the supply of ultra-pure water, to name but a few.  The great advantages of this electrolytic generation of oxidants are the ease with which they are handled and most importantly the reliability of the oxidants produced.


Our anodes are also used in numerous Electrolytic Organic Destruction (EOD) systems, which offer an alternative to other conventional industrial wastewater and process water treatment methods. EOD’s are also known to reduce Chemical Oxygen Demand, COD (a measure of the amount of organic compounds in water), and Biological Oxygen Demand, BOD (amount of dissolved oxygen needed by aerobic biological organisms in a body of water).


Furthermore, other applications making use of NMT® Electrodes Mixed Metal Oxide and Platinised Titanium Anodes involve the treatment of waste water containing inorganic contaminants, such as cyanide and nitrates. Different products are yielded from this electrolysis depending on a number of factors, including pH.





The process whereby dispersed particles are removed from liquid using gas bubbles, otherwise known as Electroflocculation, occurs when water is electrolysed which results in hydrogen and oxygen gas. At the bottom of the tank that is filled with the solution containing these dispersed solids, we find NMT® Electrodes Mixed Metal Oxide and Platinised Titanium Anodes that produce these hydrogen and oxygen gas bubbles. The generation of bubbles is easily controlled (more current results in more gas) and no handling or transportation of each gas takes place so no additional impurities are introduced into the system, nor is there risk with storage and handling of volatile gases.


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