Cathodic Protection | Sock Anodes


NMT® Electrodes produces Sock Anodes using NMT® Electrodes Wire Anodes which are manufactured using titanium meeting ASTM B863 Grade 1 standards and are available in various diameters.


NMT® Electrodes Sock Anodes linear assemblies, comprise NMT® Electrodes Wire Anodes and cable contained in a fabric sock which is then filled with Calcined Petroleum Coke backfill.


The cable tail can be provided either at one end or at both ends of the NMT® Electrodes Sock Anode to allow the connection to powerfeed from the TR.

Applications for NMT® Electrodes Sock Anodes include use in above and below ground storage tanks, conventional groundbeds and alongside pipelines.


For more information, download the Sock Anodes Product Brochure.

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