Cathodic Protection | Mesh Strip Anodes


NMT® Electrodes Mesh Strip Anodes are manufactured using titanium which meets ASTM B265 Grade 1 standards. 


NMT® Electrodes’ Mixed Metal Oxide coatings are electrically conductive which activates the titanium mesh allowing it to function as an anode.


NMT® Electrodes Mixed Metal Oxide Mesh Strip Anodes have an extremely low consumption rate; therefore, the titanium substrate remains nearly constant throughout the design life of the anode. This provides a consistently low resistance anode.


NMT® Electrodes Canistered Mesh Strip Anode has been designed to replace the 3” x 60” silicon iron anodes in horizontal and shallow vertical groundbeds. Further applications include use in above ground storage tank base plates and cathodic protection for the protection of concrete rebars.


For more information, download the Mesh Strip Anodes Product Brochure.

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