Cathodic Protection | Jetty Anodes

NMT® Electrodes Jetty Anodes are designed for use in jetties and harbours where high current output and long design life is required in these installations. The Jetty Anode design integrates all the requirements for close surface fitting of plate, tubular or rod anodes to piling. Provisions are made in the PVC Jetty Anode Housing for various forms of attachment to piles.


The anodes consist of a solid  Grade 1 titanium plate, tubular or rod substrate coated with a Mixed Metal Oxide coating of IrO2/Ta2O5 and are suitable for use in seawater.


The inert (dimensionally stable) MMO-coated titanium anodes possess a large current density, a low consumption rate, good conductivity, long life in extreme environments and have low cost. The MMO-coated titanium anode has conductive metal oxides which act as the catalysts, tailored to cater for the requirements of different working environments. In seawater, the chemical reactions taking place at the anode surface is primarily chlorine evolving. At high over-potentials an environment of low pH can be created around the anode, however, MMO coating is resistant to acid attack.


For more information, download the Jetty Anodes Product Brochure.

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