Cathodic Protection | ICCP Ship Hull Anodes

An effective way to diminish seawater corrosion of metallic structures such as ship hulls is cathodic protection in conjunction with a barrier coating. Generally, sacrificial anodes or impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) are used for this purpose.


Sacrificial anodes are composed of zinc or aluminium alloys and it is often necessary to use large, heavy anodes to attain a long service life which may create resistance when positioned on the ship hull. These are, therefore, applied to small vessels.


Large ships employ ICCP, which uses several anodes on the hull of the ship and provides a substantial amount of protective current from a power source. This is advantageous as there is less drag created on the hull, a longer service life and the ability to control the potential of the ship’s hull.


NMT® Electrodes produces the anode body of the ICCP for the protection of ship hulls.


For more information, download the ICCP Ship Hull Anodes Product Brochure.

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