Chlor-Alkali | Pool and Spa Chlorination

Millions of people the world over delight themselves with swimming pool-based activities every year. For decades, chemicals containing hypochlorous acid have been used to disinfect both private and public swimming pools and potable water.


Now, an innovative way to produce chlorine and hypochlorite onsite and for applications of numerous sizes has been developed, whether it be an Olympic-sized swimming pool or a private “splash” pool. This is achieved through a Swimming Pool Electrochlorinator based on the Chlor-Alkali process. One huge advantage of being able to produce chlorine and hypochlorite on-site (besides the fact that it is environmentally friendly) is not having store and handle bulk chemical or tablets, which involve many risks such as accidental spillage or overdosage of the pool or spa in question. Onsite chlorine and hypochlorite production in the correct concentrations dispenses the precise amount of these to your pool, allowing you to rely on a system that will automatically disinfect your pool or spa, resulting in clean, crystal clear water.


NMT® Electrodes manufactures Mixed Metal Oxide and Platinised Titanium Anodes used in all major manufacturers of swimming pool electrochlorinators worldwide. Our extensive research and significant expertise in anode coatings has enabled NMT Electrodes to advise on the best, most effective anode coating formulations and loadings for each unique application.


The advantages of using NMT® Electrodes Mixed Metal Oxide and Platinised Titanium Anodes in Swimming Pool Electrochlorinators are:

  • The elimination of chlorine odours, itchy skin, hair damage, red eyes and discoloured (faded) swimsuits caused by overdosage of chlorine
  • No handling of toxic, dangerous chemicals
  • Hypochlorite with no additional impurities is produced
  • Disinfectant has a close to neutral pH, meaning the system is not susceptible to changes in pH
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