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A large majority of the world’s chlorine capacity is manufactured by the electrolysis of brine (a solution of sodium chloride in water) in diaphragm and membrane cells, with significantly less being produced in mercury cells. The main difference in the technologies of the electrolytic cells, mentioned previously, lies in the manner by which the products are prevented from mixing with each other to ensuring the generation of pure products. The primary products of the electrolysis of brine are chlorine gas, hydrogen gas, and sodium hydroxide solution (commonly called "caustic soda" or "caustic”). 


The Chlor-Alkali industry is one of the largest Electrochemical technologies that is in use in the world with chlorine and sodium hydroxide  among the top ten chemicals produced in the world and used in the manufacture a variety of chemical products found in everyday life. By mixing chlorine and sodium hydroxide at differing pH levels, different products will result. For example, if the electrolyte (sodium hydroxide + chlorine) is held at pH 6.5, chlorates will form. If the electrolyte is held at pH 10 hypochlorite is generated from the chlorine and caustic soda. This is the basis for the electrolytic production of sodium chlorate and sodium hypochlorite (commonly known as "bleach"), respectively.


Hydrogen, a co-product of chlorine and sodium hydroxide, is also able to be used as a zero-emission fuel in plant boilers, thus reducing the carbon footprint of a facility.


NMT® Electrodes manufactures Mixed Metal Oxide and Platinised Titanium anodes with highly competitive anode coatings that are suitable for many technologies and applications and make operating a Chlor-Alkali plant more economical through power savings.


We provide:

  • –Mixed Metal Oxide and Platinised Titanium Anodes for extremely efficient and economical production of the products of the Chlor-Alkali Industry by membrane cell technology
  • –Recoating of de-activated Mixed Metal Oxide and Platinised Titanium anodes
  • –Refurbishing  and rescreening of Lurgi-type cells 
  • –Technical assistance with coating composition, loading and use in cells for specified applications




All of NMT Electrodes chlorine-evolving anodes come standard with

NMT® Electrodes PTY LTD Chlorine Specific Warranty.

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