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Uncoated Titanium has an extremely low electrical conductivity. In order for a successful anode to be produced, the coating applied to a substrate must be electro-catalytically active, and the substrate musty be truly inert. Titanium is corrosion resistant, however, uncoated Titanium will passivate if connected as an anode in aqueous solution by the rapid formation of an oxide layer, which acts as a further barrier to conduction. Platinum Group Metals, such as Platinum, Ruthenium and Iridium, as well as Valve Metals, such as Tantalum and Titanium, are electro-catalytically active (when they are connected as an anode and immersed in an electrolyte they will continue to pass current into that electrolyte). Therefore, when Titanium is coated with a Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) solution of these precious metals, an anode is the result.


Due to each metal oxides’ unique characteristics and the fact that each one will be combined with others in different ratios, the various coating formulations available allow NMT® Electrodes Mixed Metal Oxide Titanium Anodes to be used in applications stretching from the well-established Chlor-Alkali Industry, through to the winning of metals and other chemicals, waste water treatments, and ultimately Cathodic Protection against corrosion.

The basis of NMT® Electrodes products and services is focused on two main product lines of electrochemical application, namely:


–  -  Chlor-Alkali

  • A product range of anodes and cathodes for the production of chlorine, sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite and sodium chlorate

–  -  Oxygen and Other

  • A product range of anodes and cathodes used for a variety of different electrochemical applications


NMT® Electrodes manufactures a vast range of products for any electrochemical application that our customers should require:

  • Anodes and Cathodes for use in the membrane cells for the productions of chlorine and hypochlorite
  • Anodes for the production of chlorate
  • Anodes for use in Pools and Spa chlorination
  • Anodes for use in Industrial Electrochlorination (SeawaterElectrolysis)
  • Anodes for Cathodic Protection
  • Cathodic Protection accessories
  • Anodes for Electroplating/ Surface finishing
  • Anodes for Electrogalvanising
  • Anodes for Electrowinning
  • Anodes for Waste Water Treatment


NMT® Electrodes offers facilities for testing coating composition and loading to ensure that we present you, our valued customer, with the best products possible.

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